The 525600th Minute

Sometimes, it’s almost shocking how fast a year goes by.

A year ago, I held your hand for the first time, at the edge of the continent, feeling warmth of the California sunshine and the chill of the Pacific sea wind. I looked toward to you. You smiled so nervously, and yet so beautifully. My heart skipped a beat at that moment. We both had waited way too long for that moment, and I was definitely not ready for what was to come.

All those moments with you have become my fondest memories,

The time that we ran along the Caribbean beach with the softest sands beneath our feet, talking about our past, dreaming about our future.

The time that we crossed the East River at dusk as the sky slowly darkening and the skyline of the city was outlined by the fading orange sun light.

The time that we went above the clouds and to the edge of the sky, and have to wait for 40 mins for the Uber afterwards.

The time that you permantly banned me from riding scooters for the rest of my life because somehow my brain was not able to balance this one-hundred-and-eighty pounds of meat and faceplanted twice in a day straight onto the ground.

The time that we disappeared together for Christmas that when we came back all the missed message notifications killed my phone battery instantly.

All those times that we walked across half a city just to hunt down the LOVE sign.

All those times you complained about your messy hair in my photos.

All those times that I sneaked behind you and surprised u with a kiss.

All those times that you sneakly filmed all the embrassing videos of me sleeping.

Our never ending fight of fork vs chopsticks. (And obviously fork is better)

Our epic kiss that spans across two decades.

And for someone who is lactose intolerant, your persistent pursue of cheesy things.

And there are so much more. We can go on forever talking about every single day we spent together last year, and we will never get tired of it. There has not been a moment that I spent with you that I was not smiling and laughing, and that was what made every single moment that I was away from you so difficult. Never did I dare to imagine a world without you in it. It was like reverting a world filled with colour back to its monochrome state. But, you have taught me to be brave, to have faith not just in myself but in both of us. To look ahead not with fear but with trust in each other. Not to be afraid of the future but be the one that steers it, with one hand on the wheel, and the other hand holding on tightly to yours. Looking ahead, then smile.

Five hundred and twenty five thousand minutes later since I first held your hand with mine near that cliff beside the Golden Gate. I have not a single bit of regret. It was really a year filled with joy and laughter. Looking back now, walking down my memory lanes, I can’t help but just keep smiling uncontrolably truly like an idiot and wondering why am I so lucky. Also lucky for you, you are going to be stuck with me for a really long time. So make sure putting on your seat belt on because this is really going to be a wild ride.

With love, 🏹