Hello World

Hello World

I can’t even remember how long have I been helplessly staring at this empty document without doing anything. Trying to figure out what to say for this very first blog post without making myself look like a complete fool. Trying to carefully word every single sentence so that I would look like someone who has received proper literacy eduction. But for a nerd that have spent more time talking to machines than living humans since the age of 15, it’s apparently not a very trivial task. Well, I suppose nothing in life is going to be trivial, isn’t it? So if I make myself look like a complete fool in this post, so be it. It’s easier to learn things when you just treat yourself as an idiot that knows absolutely nothing.

So if the rest of this post looks more like a core dump from a segmentation fault than the writing from an intelligent human being, please accept my sincere apology. /* I meant it */

Who is this blog for?

Originally, I started building this blog just for myself. I was trying to start recording the steps that I will be slowly taking over the course of next few years, and maybe give something to myself to laugh at in the future. But I slowly realize this could be the perfect platform to showcase my skill sets and abilities to those who might be interested. It could also provides me with opportunities to connect with people that may share similar interests as me. So feel free to spam my inbox using the email link below and I will be more than happy to discuss about almost anything, including the best text editor in this world. (of course it’s VIM)

So, who is this guy?

I am an undergraduate CS student at University of Waterloo. A typical Asian math nerd that is socially awkward but also craving for social interactions. A judo orange belt that can’t stop harassing his friends to join the judo club. A coder with weird obsession with OpenCV and functional programming language. And also an idiot that knows nothing but eager to learn.

What is the future of this blog?

On the technical side, the priority right now is to finish building the project gallery page and the about page. After that my plan is to build a simple server that compiles markdown to html. I will either use Node.js or Ruby on Rails. In the end, I am planning on writing my own markdown-to-html compiler and use it to replace redcarpet compiler that I am currently using.

For the blog posts, I will probably write another post summarize my experience at TD Lab as an intern this summer before the school starts. After that, I will try to regularly post somethings related to the projects that I will be working on, or just things in my life.

So, it begins.